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Farming Simulator gets its own e-sports league with over $ 280,000 in prizes

If you’re thinking of competing gaming and e-sports, your thoughts are likely to drive massively popular online games like Fortnite or Overwatch. But there are many less-heralded games that make their place in space, including games about farming. Today, developer Giants Software announced a new Farming Simulator League. That’s exactly what it looks like: a competitive tournament for the constantly popular PC series Farming Simulator.

It will consist of 10 tournaments in Europe, including major events such as Gamescom and Paris Games Week, which ends with a grand final on FarmCon 2020. The developer raises $ 250,000 in prize money (about $ 280,000) and has attracted a lot of name . sponsors such as Logitech and Intel. The new league will sell players in the most recent entry in the series, Farming Simulator 19, in the first 10 days of availability, which sold a million copies.

Competitive Farming Simulator events have been silent for many years and focused mainly on agricultural-based events, but they attracted large numbers of players who wanted to see the best hay bales in the world. This led CEO Christian Ammann to start looking at farming. -Sports a little more serious. ‘That was when we realized it might be a bit more professional,’ he told Esports Observer.

While many of the most popular e-sports leagues follow a model that closely resembles the world of professional sports, like Giants Software’s new league strives to show a lot of space for different types of competitions. Not everyone wants to see a perfect Fortnite building or a good-faith Counter-Strike headshot. ‘We have a unique opportunity,’ says Ammann. ‘We believe we’ve found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to make everyone find it entertaining.’


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