Fortnite’s island covered in snow and zombies

Fortnite’s island covered in snow and zombies as floating sphere exploded

Fortnite’s mystery is finally starting to unravel. Not long ago, a floating sphere which is made of ice, appeared in the game, leaving many players to wonder what was going on. Now we have the answer, say: The mystery figure exploded inside, named ice king created a giant storm, covering the entire island in the snow.

It was a dramatic moment that included the great Utto, which appeared around the polar summit, which threw out the storm. Besides the shift in weather, there are now ice monsters in the game, called ice flends, who is from close to blue rock scattered over the map. New creatures also come with new challenges where players can gain wintery gear and other bonuses.

Developer of the epic teased that something big was going to happen with the countdown that appeared yesterday in the game. It appeared on various televisions found on the Fortnite Island, and included the phrase “weather warning”, which matches the “wintery season seven” that began in December. Later in the evening, a mysterious figure can be noticed inside the sphere, suggesting that something significant was on the way.

Today’s event resembles a strange mystery that surrounded Fortnite giant purple cube, which was originally born from a lightning storm in August. Then he kept rolling on the map, changing things like it was, and as Halloween rolled over pieces of the cube they had deadly monsters, introducing the first PVE element in the Battle of Royale mode. Things were off when the cube went missing in a dramatic, one-time event in November.

When it comes to spheres and storms, it is expected to happen much more in the coming weeks and months.


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