Google rebrands cloud storage as Google One

Google Re-brands Cloud Storage Services as Google One

Google is rebranding cloud storage services as Google One with affordable plans, additional benefits

From Google Drive to Google One, Google’s redistribution of cloud storage service has made a major jump, in which the technical giant is now allowing anyone in the United States to sign up for the plan, not just the user already Are paying for storage capacity.

This year’s announcement was made, Google One is effectively changing the name of the cloud storage service, which includes many other Google services that contain online storage components. Users can pay monthly fees on Google One for storage, which can be used with Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos, expanding free allocation and providing more space for files.

Since its announcement, Google is gradually converting its consumer cloud storage customers to Google One, but now it has been opened to anyone in the United States. This is unclear when it will be made available to users from other countries, but Google is offering to inform potential users in their clients.

Google One’s plan starts with 100 gigabytes of storage for $ 1.99, $ 2.99 for 200 gigabytes and $ 9.99 for 2 terabytes, while higher capabilities will still be available, but under previous pricing. New options can be seen as better value for consumers who want more storage, because 1 terabyte used to spend $ 9.99 a month earlier, but for $ 11.99 a year before rebranding the 100 gigabyte option Could have been acquired.

Google is also trying to make subscriptions more useful for families, customers are able to share their plans with five others under a single plan. In the coming months, Google Express and Google Store offers many other benefits, including Google Play credit and hotel deals found on Google Search.

Support is also said to be a big feature of Google One, users are being given access to ‘Team of Google Experts’ to answer their questions.

Google brings Google’s service closer to Apple’s iCloud in terms of refining value for branding and pricing for Google One. While iCloud also has the same prices for 200 gigabytes and 2 terabyte options, it offers less than 50 gigabytes of level for $ 0.99 per month.

Google does still have Apple beat in how much it offers freebies to users, offering 15 gigabytes in comparison to iCloud’s 5 gigabytes of allocation. Apple also does not provide additional bonuses for iCloud customers, which can make Google One more attractive to people embedded in the Apple ecosystem.


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