Hulu drops to just $ 5.99 a month

Hulu drops to just $ 5.99 a month after Netflix’s price increases

Hulu has just announced that it will lower its base ad, ad-supported subscription plan to $ 5.99 a month – from $ 7.99 – which starts on February 26. Hulu offered its service at $ 5.99 previously on a promotional basis, and it is clear that there is a difference to signing subscribers to justify a price cut for the standard rate. If you are concerned, customers will not see an increase in advertising volume due to the reduced price. The $ 11.99 per month ‘no advertising’ plan will remain at its current price, as well as the $ 12.99 Hulu / Spotify combination subscription, for which Spotify invoices are processed.

The fall in prices is known only days after the rival. Netflix announced increased subscription fees across all its plans. The most popular plan (with HD streaming) is now $ 13 per month. Netflix’s content is, of course, advertising-free, but Hulu is now creating enough of a cost division that consumers can find its advertising easier. Earlier this month, Hulu revealed that it ended in 2018 with more than 25 million subscribers. This is less than half of Netflix’s 58 million US customers, but it represents an impressive 48 percent increase in subscribers compared to where the client’s score was at the end of 2017.


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