Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung’s Pay App confirms the presence of in-display fingerprint scanner at least in one Galaxy S10 model

Over the past few months, we’ve analyzed Samsung’s updated programs to find out what the company is doing behind the scenes. From our analysis, we have found evidence that the primary camera sensor will be used in Samsung’s smartphone with a foldable display, the size and animations used to display a Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy S10’s bright night cameras mode, and more. Now, we’ve dug up a confirmation for one of the greatest rumours of the Galaxy S10 series: The presence of a fingerprint scanner one at least one of the models.

We’ve heard rumors for almost two years that Samsung added an in-display fingerprint scanner in their smartphones. First, it was in the Galaxy S8, then Galaxy note 8, then in the Galaxy S9, and most recently, in Galaxy Note 9. Of course, none of those products had a fingerprint display sensor. After Synaotics and Vivo’s partner to release the first commercial-available smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, many other companies followed the lawsuit at 2018. OnePlus 6T is the first flagship smartphone available in America with fingerprint scanners, and it looks like the Galaxy S10 might be next.

In our teardown of the latest Samsung Pay app, we found two very explicit recommendations for a fingerprint display scanner. And one reference directly mentions Galaxy S10’s code-name.


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