three variants for Samsung 's Galaxy S10

Evan Blass

The leaked image shows three variants for Samsung ‘s Galaxy S10

Samsung will hold its next unwrapped event next month, where it is expected to show “a fully functional” version of its foldable phone, along with the next repetition of its plant in the galaxy, the S10 Galaxy. A new leaked photo of Evan Blassa shows three versions of the phone, S10E, S10, and S10 +.

Rumor has it since last fall that S10 will come in three ways: S10 and S10 + with a curve on the screen, with a “hole-Punch ” camera, and display a fingerprint scanner, with a third (probably S10E), serves as a cheaper edition without all the bells and whistles. It also said that the company was in talks with Verizon to bring a 5g version of a phone to the US. The leak from Blassa in early January proved that the front part of the S10 model, showing minimal bezels and a hole in the camera ahead.

Blass points out that this picture displays the Galaxy S10 in the clear cases, with S10E on the left, S10 in the middle, and S10 + on the right. S10E shows two cameras on the back, and the other two have three. S10 + also seems to have a few cameras with a face in front of him with a bigger blow to the hole.

A little resting at this year’s post, especially since the company faced a slow sale for S9 and a sharp decline in profits in the final 2018. With this year’s changes on the phone after last year’s “predictable ” Assassination, perhaps Samsung will be able to lure consumers to 2019.

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