third generation chromecast hardware leaks

3rd Generation Chromecast Hardware Leaks, Shows Refreshed Design

Google has refreshed its most popular product, Chromecast, for the last time, it has been more than three years. We are listening to the bits of information about the possible refreshments for the coming few months, and now it seems that someone has got a little hand on the third generation chromecast.

 3rd generation chromecast

A redditor posted an image of a new chromecast of a local chromecast at the end of this week that was unboxed to look a bit different from a typical chromcast. Although none of the internal specifications has come because of this leak, we can see how Google has changed the design of the beloved streaming dongle.

The picture of the posted comparison shows the third-generation chromecast right with second-generation models, and the differences are clear. Both share the same basic design with a circular body housing components and an HDMI cable attached connect to TV. According to Reddit, this new hardware touches the magnetic connector which allows easy management of that HDMI cable.

Other changes which we can see here are the removal of shiny plastic design, replaced with matte coating. It has also been mentioned that the third generation chromecast is slightly thicker than the previous version. The Chromecast logo has also been replaced with Google’s ‘G’ logo, which we usually see on other hardware on the company. Apart from this, this new version clearly still sticks to a micro USB port.

It is not completely clear that it is a refreshed chromecast with Bluetooth and upgraded WiFi that we are tracking, but it seems that it is quite likely. Reddit also mentions that the Google Home app needs an update to install this new device that helps validate its validity.


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