Vivo APEX 2019

Vivo APEX 2019 hands on photos take us in the future

Vivo took us on a beautiful trip last year when it unveiled the Vivo APEX concept smart phone in China. The flagship has the concept of full-screen display designed at a different level as it comes with an incredible screen-body relationship. The company has taken things to a new level with the newly revealed APEX 2019. We bring you some handy photos of the APEX 2019, thanks to the Chinese website Anzhou.

The Vivo APEX 2019 continues to explore new technologies that enter the next generation while incorporating a minimalist design. It does not have a charging port, but has some metal grooves at the back that can be used to charge the phone wirelessly.

The design uses a full CNC integrated glass body with a variety of cutouts that provide a super integrated visual experience. The edges are well cut to provide a comfortable grip.

Despite its sleek construction, Vivo has also been working on providing the APEX 2019 with waterproof and dustproof features. The device does not have physical buttons, but rather contains sensitive sensitive devices. There is also a ‘high definition’ linear car to provide haptic feedback when using the buttons. It also comes with a fingerprint screen technology that works on any part of the screen.

On the specification, the Vivo APEX 2019 packs the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset that comes with 12GB of RAM. The device will also be available in 512GB storage option. Being a concept phone, we can never officially announce it. However, since the NEX was basically the Vivo APEX with a different name, the same way can be followed with the APEX 2019. Before you put your eyes on more of the hands-on pictures four.


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