ULA launches a secret satellite_

Watch ULA launches a secret satellite with its most powerful rocket

This afternoon, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) is ready to launch its most powerful rocket – Delta IV Heavy – sending a secret detective satellite for the National Reconstruction Office (NRO). Mission will be the 13th mission for ULA, and the company has launched several launches for the important customer NRO of the launch provider.

This particular projection has really struggled to go into space. Originally set for December 7, the flight was delayed several times at the end of last year. Then, in early January, ULA decided to take a break with launch efforts to review some technical issues with Rocket, who stopped it from launching on December 19. Now for a long time, the company is ready to try to polish the rocket again.

As all the NRO launches, it is not clear what is happening in space; The NRO wraps its mission objectives. However, the probability of satellite is very heavy and if it requires the power of Delta IV Heavy, then it is probably going to higher grade. The rocket consists of three cores, which emphasize more than £ 2 million in liftoff. Overall Delta IV Heavy is capable of placing more than 62,500 pounds in the Earth’s orbit.

While we do not know the precise cause of the mission, there is a signature NRO patches in flight, which facilitates a terrible bigger animal. This patch plays a giant eagle through the fabric, which is the Civil War, Colonel Joshua L. During Chamberlain, an old union is wearing dog tag with the initial name of the commander. It matches many of the NRO’s previous patches, in which giant octopuses, snakes and scary medieval iconography are shown.

Today’s mission, called NROL-71, is slated for takeoff from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 2:05 PM ET / 11:05 AM PT. ULA has planned to make the launch live, in which about 20 minutes before the takeoff began the coverage. If you put light on this Saturday afternoon, then check back to see this rocket launch live.


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