Xiaomi has just started its own PUBG Rival Battle Royale game

We all know very well that Battle Royale games are now at their peak and downloading the famous games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite has already proved it. So, according to the latest reports, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, speaks nothing more than Xiaomi has just launched its own PUBG rival battle-royal game.

As we talk about the Survival Game, a new Battle Royale game developed by renowned Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. The fact is, however, that this new game can now be downloaded using an APK. In this article we will tell you how to load it.

The well-known Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has been working on a new video game that he wants to reach the whole world for some time. The strangest thing about this game, however, is available for the brand’s own devices.

A kind of closed beta that can’t be extended to other devices, as it will only be available to users who were part of the well-known Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi. However, it appears that the overall new Xiaomi survival match can now be downloaded onto a large number of devices without any problems.

So if you keep a Xiaomi smartphone, you can download the game, just download the 185 MB APK that was leaked a few hours ago and install the game on your smartphone. But, one important thing you should keep in mind is that it does not require any kind of extraneous permission outside storage and location.

In addition, the whole new Battle Royale Game of Xiaomi has certain similarities with PUBG in terms of graphics and setting. The basis of Survival Game is based on a futuristic theme in which some players fight against others with a single purpose to survive.

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